Some Tips on Getting a Total Makeover In A Teen Girls Bedroom

Some Tips on Getting a Total Makeover In A Teen Girls Bedroom

Decorating the bedroom of your teen girl does not mean that you should spend a lot of money on your accessories and new furniture. All that you can do is to select the best colors and theme, modify or buy furniture, tidy up the room and rearrange all the items in the room. However, if you wish to know how best you can do then these tips on getting a total makeover in a teen girls bedroom can be the of great assistance to you.

1. Choose a theme

The theme of girls bedroom can be anything like an underwater theme or fairy princess theme. If you do not want to struggle to look for a theme, you can choose a color theme which consists of 2 or 3 complementary colors. You can select a colorful piece of art or fabric which will inspire your choice of colors for the rest of the bedroom. If you need some assistance in choosing a color theme, then you can look at the color wheel.

2. Assess and declutter your storage needs

Decluttering can assist the bedroom in looking the way that you wish it to be, therefore you should find a better way that you can minimize it. All you can do is to donate some of the items and clothes that you no longer use to charity or local thrift shop. After you have gotten rid of all the items that you do not need, you can decide to add things such as dresser, hooks, and shelves depending on the items which you need to store or place at the room your teenager girl.

3. Painting the bedroom

Painting is one of the ways that you can change the way the bedroom of your teenager will look. Select a color which matches with your theme. Make sure that it’s the color which your girl(s) like and you hope will last for a longer period of time.

4. Decorate the wall with photos

The photos of girl’s friend, favorite places, and pets can make great additions when it comes to decorations. Just try to be creative so that you can use the photos in expressing the feelings of your daughter.

Just arrange these photos on a poster board so that you can form a unique collage.

You can have her photos printed on fabric, glass, and canvas.

Frame the photos before you hang them so that you can create a gallery wall.

5. Allow her to make her own art

When making the bedroom of your teenager you can hang anything on the walls. Allow her to use her imagination so that you can create one of the best art that she likes most. If your teen girl has a collection of arts even if its baseball caps, guitars, you can display all of them at the wall. You can also buy wood pieces of different shapes such as stars, letters, and circles. You can then paint them such that they match with your theme before you hang them in the bedroom.

It will feel nice if you are able to decorate the bedroom of your teenager girl in a magnificent manner. If you follow the above tips on getting a total makeover in a teen girls bedroom then your child will live to enjoy for the rest for her life.